Hula Hoop Cables

Hula Hoop Cables

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Hula Hoop Cables by Schibot Garne - a knitting pattern for a pair of socks, in German and English.



New knitters often tell me how much they admire the look of cables but that they are scared to try it. Yes, cables look complicated but in fact they are actually very easy to make.

By working with this pattern you will learn how yarn can be manipulated by simply holding some stitches in front or back to change the order of the stitches. The cables of these socks are combined with an interesting textured ribbing.

This pattern is written for socks worked over 64 stitches. My test knitters knit different sizes of socks from EU 37 to 43. When you are a intermediate sock knitter you certainly know how many stitches you usually use for your socks and how you can influence the size of socks by using a different needle size.

The pattern gives you written and charted instructions for knitting with 5 DPNs (double pointed needles). Intermediate sock knitters can certainly adapt it to suit magic looping. It explains you how to knit all parts of the sock, step by step, from cuff to heel to toe (7 pages).




If you are posting your WIP or FO to Instagram then please use the #hulahoopcables and I can keep up with your version!

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