Shilly Shally Socks

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Shilly Shally Socks by Schibot Garne - a knitting pattern for a pair of socks, in German and English.



I love playing around with ideas and patterns - but sometimes I cannot decide which of them I should relaise first. This pair of socks arose from my irresolution :-)

To knit this pair of socks, you need two skeins of sock yarn. I recommend either to use two different semi-solid colours (as I and my test knitters did) or to combine a semi-solid yarn as main with a multi-coloured yarn as contrasting colour.

This pattern is written for knitting with DPNs. The stitches are divided on four needles and are knit with a fifth needle. Intermediate sock knitters can certainly adapt it to suit magic looping.

The socks are worked over 64 stitches. My test knitters knit different sizes of socks from EU 37 to 40 and only had to knit more or less stitches for the foot. To make the socks narrower or wider you can easily deduct or add eight stitches. When you are an intermediate sock knitter, you certainly know how many stitches you usually use for your socks and how you can influence the size of socks by using a different needle size.

The Shilly Shally Socks are worked cuff down and the pattern will lead you through all parts of the sock. It explains you how to knit the heel and toe in detail.

The pattern has five pages - don't get discouraged by it. It is always very important to me that my patterns explain you everything very detailed and that you have the opportunity to tick off the steps you have already finsihed. The patterns gives you written instructions and contains a chart for the fair isle pattern.

Please use the hashtag #shillyshallysocks when you post pictures on Instagram and don't forget to show your project in our Schibot Garne Ravelry group.

Happy knitting,






note about fair isle knitting
This pattern does not explain how to knit fair isle. There are great tutorials on YouTbe that show you all the different ways how to knit with thwo colours at a time. If this is your first time doing fair isle, I highly recommend to knit a small sample and practise this method. Experiment with your tension so that the threads are loosely at the back of your work (this will ensure your knitted fabric remains stretchy which is important when you knit socks.)

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