Sharp DPN Set

Sharp DPN Set

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This brilliant gift set from HiyaHiya is great for any Sharp DPNs fan!

The set contains four HiyaHiya Sharp DPNs in the most popular DPN sizes, presented in a pretty brocade DPN case. The needle case features many pockets to securely hold your double point needles of various sizes.

The set contains the following:

  • 1 set 15cm (6″) 2.25mm Sharp DPNs
  • 1 set 15cm (6″) 2.50mm Sharp DPNs
  • 1 set 15cm (6″) 2.75mm Sharp DPNs
  • 1 set 15cm (6″) 3.50mm Sharp DPNs


Colours of brocade case may vary.

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