Advent Socks

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Advent Socks by Schibot Garne - a knitting pattern for a mini sock you can use as part of an advent calendar, in German and English.



Every year I plan to knit an Advent calendar, but somehow it never happened. But there are no more excuses for this, 2018 I want to make an Advent calendar consisting of 24 small mini socks!

I intend to sweeten the Advent season with transforming the mini skeins from this year's Schibot Garne Advent calendar from the first to the twenty-fourth of December into small socks. And next year I will have a   calendar which I can fill with minis again :-)

I knitted a small prototype and wondered if you might want to join in. That's why I wrote this little basic pattern how I knit these little socks.

This pattern describes how such a mini sock is worked from top to bottom on double pointed needles.
Maybe it is just more a guide for you. Of course you can knit your socks according to your taste - more stitches, a different heel, play with colours - just as you like it.

I wish you a wonderful Advent season!


NOTE: Pattern no longer free of charge to cover costs of the shop and working effort.




If you are posting your WIP or FO to Instagram then please use the #schibotgarne and I can keep up with your version! Show your projects in our Schibot Garne group on Ravelry!

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